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Mike Restored
The Kinks!


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Mike Restored
The Kinks!


For many years now I've been directly involved with analog tape restoration. I've restored single reels for small record labels and I've also restored whole archives with literally hundreds of reels in all formats for recording artists like The Kinks.

Now, let me restore your precious analog master tapes!

Are you worried about your analog tapes? Please take a moment to read my journal from working on the Kinks archive. Read for yourself about the level of care and attention to details that I'll take with analog restorations and archiving.

In a nutshell, I have the knowledge, experience, pride, and proper equipment to do a great job recovering your deteriorating analog recordings. Check out my credentials. You can also read my EARDRUM story I had written all the way back in 1988 entitled
"The Causes and Cures of Tape Shedding"
. It's one of the most viewed pages on the web dealing with the issues of analog tape shedding.

The laboratory incubator I'll use on your analog master tapes performs beyond the specs needed for uniform temperatures throughout the heating chamber. It also is more stable, within a half of a degree, unlike the usual five degree swing in household ovens. And as the incubator is electrically heated, your tapes won't pick up excess moisture like they'll do in gas fired ovens.

And for fabulous sounding transfers, my Studer, MCI, and TEAC playback machines are always in peak operating condition and meticulously calibrated for exacting analog transfers.

Additionally, I'm keen on current high resolution digital technologies that your precious analog reels deserve. I'll find a suitable long term storage medium for your project. I can even assist you with guidelines for storage of your own analog master tape libraries.

Call me at: 847 222 1029 for a free consultation.
Or email Mike at:

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For more info on tape shedding check out: Wendy Carlos' Site

Paul Mallory

Mike has restored several recordings for Paul Mallory's family. Paul was a hipster jazz cat during the early 1950's who played in Havana, Cuba and in Miami Beach, Florida with his cool trio. He had a great big dapper baratone voice and swingin' piano stylings. Later Paul provided piano music for the dance community too. It was a pleasure to bring these tracks back into the light of day
after many years of storage.
"Gimmie, gimmie a glass that's all a-tinkle!"

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