"The Good Fight!"

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The Good Fight
© Mike Konopka 2017


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The Joe Hill Heartlanders:

Diane Carter-Zubko
Jay Goeppner
Sari Greenberg

Freya Pederson
Sophie Pederson

Jill Blair
Andy Dennen
Lisa Dennen
Mike Konopka
Margaret Pasquesi
Tony Pederson
Trish Ramsey
Kathy Stevens
Dan Swanson

Mike Kay: Guitars & Keyboards
Trish Ramsey: Percussion
Kyle Madsen: Saxophone
Mike Konopka: production & engineering.

The Joe Hill Heartlanders are a group of teachers, union members, office workers, professional musicians and actors in the Chicago, Illinois area.

We stand with our sisters and brothers protecting the right to resist the forces that are currently trying to stop democracy, diversity, and women's rights!

The Good Fight
performed by The Joe Hill Heartlanders
© Mike Konopka 2017

Lately things are comin’ undone
In the Land That I Love- don’t you know it?
What went for all, now is only for some,
And there’s a fire in my heart, gonna show it!

Out on the street there’s a movement afoot,
With our numbers growin’ every hour,
Alternative Facts, otherwise known as lies,
But The People shout Truth to Power!

We fight the good fight, and we’ll fight it every day,
First light to midnight, making each day count, ‘till the grifters drift away,
*Cast in the sunlight Seattle to Broadway,
Come fight the good fight, when the lines are drawn,
C1) Truth and Justice lead the way!
C 2 , 3, 4) We will lead the way!

Who taught you to treat a woman like that?
Did you think you had the right ‘cause of wealth?
And Making America Hate like that,
Means the one you really hate must be yourself!
America loves it’s diversity, And hatred doesn’t live here any longer,
We celebrate our equality, ‘Cause differences between us make us stronger!


We’re not headin’ back to the Fifties,
Let’s build a bridge instead of a wall,
And handin’ power off to your cronies,
Think there’s no resistance?
You gotta another thing, You got another thing comin’!


Cast in the sunlight from Miami to Santa Fe

CHORUS 4 *Cast in the sunlight Seattle to Broadway

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